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With Employment First, Benefits Follow

man in a wheelchair in a greenhouseWhat happens when businesses hire employees with disabilities or special needs? A recently viral video of Sam the “dancing barista” offers a peek. When Chris Ali hired 17 year-old Sam at a Toronto Starbucks, he found that music helped calm the symptoms of his autism, and dancing reduced his involuntary movements. Sam had increased focus and enjoyed being productive with just the help of some tunes.

A majority of people with disabilities express a desire to Continue reading

Update Payments and Ditch Paper for Security and Simplicity

SecurityA breach in the online security of your business can spell disaster for your reputation and your customers, and hackers have become increasingly adept at swiping private information. In the past year several large companies have experienced theft of private customer details, even when working with trusted data brokers. T-Mobile was hit in October when information from 15 million potential customers seeking financing was stolen from Experian. In 2014, credit agency Equifax was breached by hackers who tried to sell the Continue reading

Benefits of Storing Documents Electronically with FileSave Imaging

Over the last few 1years, business all over the world have started to transition to a “paperless” method of storing their documents.  Due to the rising popularity and increase in business competition of digital document storage, prices continue to fall for affordable online storage.  Because of this, many businesses, both large and small can now afford document scanning and the online storage needed to store their files safely and securely.  With document storing services, you can easily access your files from anywhere, at any time. Continue reading

Two Ways to Ensure Your Ecommerce Return Management Process Is Efficient and Consumer Friendly

IfProduct Returns you are an eCommerce seller, you probably know that executing efficient returns management can be difficult at times.  You do not want a return policy that leaves you with a warehouse full of returns, while on the other hand you do not want a return policy that is too stringent that could result in a drop of sales.  To help eCommerce brands figure out the best balance for a return policy, here are a few useful tips to ensure your brand has a successful and sound return policy. Continue reading

Four Tips For E-Commerce Stores To Survive Peak Holiday Season

With Ble-commerceack Friday and the Holidays right around the corner, it is never too early to make sure your plan to survive the holiday season is intact and full proof.  Peak season holiday shopping is one of the largest growth opportunities for e-commerce sellers.  However, issues such as lacking a real-time view of your inventory, being disorganized, and being short staffed can hinder your success during the holidays.  Below you will find four tips to surviving the holiday busy season. Continue reading

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